• Shwetabh S Verma

OpenIDEO Bengaluru Chapter : Community Catch Up #002

Indiranagar, Bengaluru

OpenIDEO Bengaluru Chapter having one insightful conversation around the new OpenIDEO Challenges launched in 2019 with opinions from India, Mexico, Colombia, Croatia & Netherlands

This was the second Community Catch Up for the OpenIDEO Bengaluru Chapter. Hosted in one of the most beautiful localities in Bengaluru, Indiranagar, a set of young minds got together on a Sunday to discuss the progress on the last meeting and upcoming OpenIDEO Challenges.

The most amazing & beautiful thing around the the meetup was the diversity of the participants who turned up for the Community Catch Up. This crowd had students & professionals from different geographies & backgrounds which led to an insightful conversation owing to the cross-cultural exchanges where the participants learned the differences and similarities across developing nations from different parts of the world with respect to the topics being discussed.

A quick walkthrough of the day's agenda and some serious briefing in progress.

The initial discussion involved briefing the new members on the last Community Catch Up and also discuss with them the plan on executing the action items to gain outcomes of the Outpost Event on Sex Education for Adolescents. This would involve executing these modules in collaboration with underprivileged schools in rural, semi-rural & semi-urban areas. As per our discussion with some school authorities, the best time to start with execution would be after summer vacation as it requires a continuous collaboration of a few months without breaks. Members from different cultures & countries shared their stories and perspectives which turned out to be great input for us to look at the contrast between multiple cultures around the same topic. A lot of times we disagreed with each other and had different opinions and perspectives. However, we ensured that we put forward our differences out there for a healthy and open discussion which led to some interesting insights around how the environment variables are so difference across different cultures. It was a perfect moment in the journey of the project to have such a conversation that would provide us with such diverse perspectives.