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OpenIDEO Bengaluru Chapter : Community Catch Up #001

Jayanagar, Bengaluru.

OpenIDEO Bengaluru Chapter's first catch up.

The Community Dinner marked the first community catch up for the OpenIDEO Bengaluru Chapter. A group of ~20 individuals from different parts of the city came in to be the part of the first meet up.

Though small in number, the meet up had a diverse set of design professionals joining in from MNCs, startups, student community, design catalyst networks, etc.

The meet up started with a ice breaker activity where the attendees introduced themselves to each other followed by:

  1. A quick introduction of OpenIDEO

  2. OpenIDEO Bengaluru Chapter

  3. OpenIDEO Challenges

  4. A quick introduction to the Bengaluru outpost event

  5. The road-map ahead for getting the outcome of the Outpost Event.

The outpost event for the Bengaluru Chapter was a Design Challenge on 'How might we radically improve access to, and quality of, sexual and reproductive health education and services for young people?'

Owing to their analogous past experiences, quite a few of the participants were able to bring in considerable number of valuable pointers which made the event successful and insightful.

When we all paid attention to Aditi as she spoke of finance and investment but Ananda had her priorities sorted.

The catch up was followed by an amazing dinner which was focused on the participants learning more about each other and light discussions on how we can grow together as a community.

When I almost dozed off at the post-dinner click.

We look forward to many more of such catch ups and meetings where we work together as a community to leverage the Design Community in the city and shape ourselves as catalysts of Social Impact via the OpenIDEO Bengaluru Chapter.

Lots of learning, experiences & fun to follow up.

Stay Tuned !

Cheers !

Shwetabh S Verma

Chapter Leader and Community Designer, OpenIDEO Bengaluru Chapter

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