• Shwetabh S Verma

Welcome to OpenIDEO Bengaluru Chapter!

Have you heard of OpenIDEO?

OpenIDEO is the open innovation practice of the global design and innovation consultancy, IDEO. OpenIDEO enables people everywhere to connect, collaborate, and harness the power of human-centered design to drive innovation around the world's toughest social and environmental problems giving people everywhere the human-centered design tools.

Are you aware that we have an official OpenIDEO Bengaluru Chapter? We aim at creating a grassroots community for the Bengalureans to connect, co-create and collaborate in their quest to make Bengaluru an even better city. The Chapter will collaborate around OpenIDEO Challenges, surfacing local insights to inspire a global conversation. If you look at yourself as a self-motivated, self-driven and responsible citizen, please feel free to join us. Though we leverage a design-led approach to identify & solve global social issues, we welcome volunteers from both design and non-design backgrounds to join the OpenIDEO Bengaluru Chapter. Let's be one big family of responsible citizens who give back lots of love and positive impact for the city that has given us so much.

As the Chapter Leader and Community Designer of the OpenIDEO Bengaluru Chapter, I would like to extend an invitation to welcome you to the family. Here's how you can join the family in 3 simple steps :

1. CLICK HERE to create an account with OpenIDEO.