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Building design-led communities of impact to ensure
'Holistic Growth, Health & Well-being'

Mental Health may hurt India to the tune of $1.03 trillion

- The Economic Times

Mental health is one of the most critical aspects of our growth models, be it personal, societal or economical. WEF calculated that mental health conditions cost the world economy approximately US$ 2.5 trillion in 2010 and was projected to rise to US$ 6 trillion by 2030 alongside increased social costs. With a mere 2% of health budgets allocation to the treatment and prevention of mental health issues & most countries spending < 20% of their mental health budget on community mental health services, there's a dire need for grassroots community initiatives to bridge the information, governance, resources & services gaps in the current mental health & wellbeing ecosystem.


Project mu takes a conscious decision to strategically design, develop, execute community experiences, engagements and interventions at a population scale which are purely designed to proactively address the mental health crisis.

How might we rapidly build, empower & enable communities to adopt & evolve well-rounded growth models among the youth (age 13 - 35) to proactively prioritise their mental wellbeing?



In a rapidly changing world, our youth are at the forefront of innovation and transformation. Their boundless energy, insatiable curiosity, and unyielding spirit hold the keys to a brighter future. Yet, as they navigate the complexities of modern life, their well-being faces unprecedented challenges, making the nurturing of their health and wellness a moral imperative.


Project Mu emerges as a visionary initiative, carefully tailored to ignite the flame of youth wellness among those aged 13 to 35. It serves as a beacon of hope, a catalyst for transformation, and a sanctuary of knowledge, support, and empowerment.


In a world marked by stress, anxiety, and the demands of contemporary living, Project Mu steps forward as a guiding light. Our mission is crystal clear: to equip the youth with the tools necessary for holistic growth—physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our goal is to create a generation not only capable of surviving but thriving, exuding positivity, resilience, and strength.

Our pillars of empowerment


Mental health takes center stage. We believe the journey to wellness begins within the mind. Project Mu offers a safe haven for candid conversations about mental health, providing resources, awareness, and mindfulness practices to cultivate emotional resilience.


Personal growth is the heart of our endeavor. Through workshops, skill development programs, and mentorship, we empower young individuals to unlock their full potential, enabling them to pursue their aspirations with unwavering determination.

Community-first approach forms the backbone of Project Mu. We understand that together, we are stronger. Our initiative creates a nurturing community where youth can connect, support, and uplift one another, forging lifelong bonds.

With Project Mu, we aspire to reshape the narrative of youth wellness. We envision a world where our youth thrive, embracing each day with passion and purpose. Join us on this inspirational journey as we collectively craft a future where the youth are the architects of their own well-being and success. Project Mu: Nurturing Youth Wellness for a Vibrant Tomorrow—because every young life deserves to shine



An ideation talk series with the experts
15 Episodes. 15000+ listeners.

Under the umbrella of speculative design, 'the unknown unknowns of neuroscience' brings you an amazing panel of hosts who bring in an open mind to explore the mysteries beyond the realm of modern science with experts and practitioners from the field of psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, physics and spirituality.. where the experts bring in their knowledge and perspectives around dreams, placebo & nocebo effects, neuroplasticity, neuro-linguistic programming, psychedelics, schizophrenia, hypnosis, masculinity and femininity, neurodiversity, free will, neurotransmitters and more...

to be continued...
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