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Social Startup Fest

New Delhi. Feb, 2018.

The Social Startup Fest 2018 brought along a fleet of young leaders from ~15 Delhi University colleges. The Event was open to all the Entrepreneurial candidates who have been passionate about Social Innovation for a roadshow event where they can flaunt amazing projects and prototypes that were well balanced and innovative amalgamation of their passion, energy and creativity to solve a pressing social issue that they were able to locate in their community.

The event opened with a keynote speech by the Chief Guest, Shri Satvinder Singh, Chief General Manager, NSIC where he spoke about how the government is also looking forward to support entrepreneurial ecosystem in the nation and how Social Innovation Enthusiast could utilize the existing and upcoming policies. The keynote was followed by an interesting panel discussion with a diverse set of panellists operating in the social innovation sector.

Shwetabh shared the panel with :

1. Prarthana Gupta - COO, BitGiving

2. Gaurav Singh - Growth Marketer, SocialCops

3. Ishita Verma - Founder & Partner, Nova Growth Partners

The session was moderated by Aashish Beergi, CEO of MASH Project. The discussion oscillated around several topics on Social Entrepreneurship in the Indian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. A few of the major topics of discussion being the role of data & analytics in Social upliftment of an Economy by Gaurav, funding and financials for Social Organizations in the Indian Ecosystem by Prarthana and Ishita and the role of Design Strategy and the need to question and update outdated processes & stigmas in the Society to drive Social Innovation projects by Shwetabh. The panel discussion closed with a few questions from the audience on a few existing challenges with the Social Innovation organizations.

The second half of the day was dedicated towards a roadshow of projects and prototypes by the young social leaders from several DU colleges. The roadshow was aimed at facilitating the interaction between the projects and guest speakers and mentors invited to the Event. :)

Shwetabh mentions his two major Ah-ha moments. The first one being the intriguing questions coming from the young audience that questioned the existing stigmas and the stereotypes in the society that have been holding us back. The second highlight was the fleet of prototypes and the willingness and passion of the students to bring about a positive change in the society they belong to. "My faith is restored in the fact that the younger generations are not just looking at signing up for a random job that would help them stack up money is their bank accounts but also strongly considering creating impact and value add via what they do", says Shwetabh.

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