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Design Challenge : Sex Education for Adolescents


The Design Challenge focused at getting together Educators, Design Thinkers, Design Strategists and Adolescents to collectively work towards addressing one of the most pressing adolescent issues i.e. Sex Education - one of the most critical and ignored topics in the existing education system. The event was open to anyone who's passionate about education and feels connected with the importance & relevance of the topic irrespective of their background, age or expertise.

The Agenda of the session included :

  1. Participants' Introduction

  2. Introduction : Topic & Why, What, How

  3. Team Formation

  4. Silent Brainstorming

  5. Co-Creation

  6. Consolidation

  7. Presentation & Discussion

  8. Conclusion and Networking

Since the session was a design led brainstorming session follow by co-creation and prototyping, the session invited a well balanced cohort of designers and non-designers.

We had the pleasure of having, Prakrithy Pradeep, an amazing moderator with strong Design Background join us as co-facilitator along with me :

Post introduction of the candidates, the session kicked off with a humorous Video on Sex Education compiled by East India Comedy a famous Social Media Comedy Channel in India. Unfortunately, the video depicts the sad state of sex education being delivered throughout the Indian Education Systems.

The workshop was a 2.5 hour brainstorming followed by discussions and putting these ideas together that could be realized into solutions going ahead.

Each group collated the similar ideas to come up with groups of ideas which could be the components of the final solution we are able to formulate with the inputs. We look forward to sharing these ideas and have them tested via the NGOs and government bodies who are open to and look forward to implementing such solutions.

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