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Make your Dreams happen

New Delhi. Feb, 2018.

Shwetabh S Verma has dedicated the rest of his career to evangelizing design led experiential learning modules to democratize Social Entrepreneurship by fostering a culture of creativity and innovation while creating tangible social impact in alignment with the UN-SDGs.

Here's a session by him to a cohort of 300+ graduate students who are ready to set out for their endeavours in a few years. He talks to them on why working on one's dream is the only way to lead a successful, satisfactory and happy life.

He mentions that the two most efficient tools for bringing about a revolution in the Social Growth models and the Education Culture are :

  1. 21st Century Skill Development - It's been a while since we have realized the academics alone isn't enough for individuals to grow and turn successful. There are several other dimensions of growth that is totally missed out in the education system. Some of them might get covered via co-curricular activities but we do not have well structured frameworks to help students discover their inbuilt capabilities to hone them and acquire new ones.

  2. Awareness around Social Innovation Topics - Today, we are consuming resources at 1.6 times the speed at which it can be replenished. Social Innovation and Sustainability isn't an option anymore. Most of the countries have already started realizing the need to Social Innovation and initiatives and moving in the direction towards sustainability. India flaunting one of the youngest population in the world, the youth of the country have a major role to play.

Shwetabh works on the above mentioned tools to mobilize the youth towards being the change they want to see in the world. He encourages young leaders to look for problems or rather opportunities around them and plunge in to solve some real world issue rather than to wait for being old enough to bring a change. He says, "You're old enough to bring a change they day you decide to". ;)

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