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If you don't like me and still chose to be here; of all the places you could have been,

BITCH!  You're a fan.

Passionate About Inspiring Others To Be Who They Are

An artist at heart, I grew up with a techno-business profile early in my career & evolved into an Innovation and Design Strategy Coach. I believe that DREAMS & PASSION form a deadly duo which has the capability to bring all our imaginations to life.

...And, I'm passionate about you. Yes. YOU, my friend.

I'm curious about what makes you who you are, what drives you, what fuels you to do the things you do, what makes you go above and beyond everything and what holds you down. I want to learn the meaning of life in your words, the magic you believe in, what made you tell the lies you did, what keeps you up at night, your strengths, weaknesses, insecurities and fears.

I believe that young leaders today have GREAT potential to shape the world they wish to see and I feel responsible to assist them & our society in whatever capacity I can in order to create the right social growth models and culture for creativity and innovation to flourish.

But for 'understanding each other' & 'helping each other grow', there is no other business in the world.

- Shwetabh S Verma

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