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Design Thinking has already been accepted as one of the most effective innovation techniques by most of the product design companies to design their products However, as per the cover of Harvard Business Review Magazine, design thinking is not limited to product design anymore, it’s being used by organizations and institutions as strategy the and change management tool.


Process Optimization, Change Management and Organizational Strategy are crucial to an organization’s growth. These can be addressed by Design Thinking in a very structured approach by narrowing down to the root of the problem and then coming up with probable solutions through ideation with the respective strategic members of the organizations who are looking forward to change and challenge the current set up in order to have it further optimized and help them adapt with the changing market and economy around them while being in alignment with their vision and mission. This is generally not time boxed in a few days since it’s highly dependent on the organization and the criticality of the problem we are looking forward to solve.


A sound understanding of the existing process & challenges associated with it. 


Process Experts 

Workshop Type



3 Day or 5 Day

Maximum Participants

12 per workshop


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